Hi, I'm Jeremy

I'm passionate about generative music and art. I believe it will become normal to use generative algorithms to create art and music. Algorithms will become co-creators in the artistic process.

Current Projects

  • Muzoti - Get inspiration and create better music, using the science of algorithmic composition.
  • PhonicSnap - A fun way to practise reading - play a matching game with your child and get phonics hints.

Web Development

Hire me to help you create the best online presence you can have. Contact my web agency, luckyleo.digital

Recent clients include Yoox Net-a-Porter, JanDay Workshops

Book Me to Speak

I have spoken at recently about Muzoti at the The Code Bass, SPEAKup and Tech Leicester

Jeremy Leach talking about Muzoti


What if music is much more than we think?

Could It be the key to our survival as a species?


The Story of Muzoti

Fri, Jun 26, 2020

Muzoti was not always called Muzoti. It started life as an idea, many, many years ago. Back when I was 17 years old, I would spend many hours programming my Acorn Archimedes computer at home...